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    Our ZHEJIANG SHENGTIAN MACHINERY CO.,LTD as a Garment finishing equipment solutions supplier,We always developing garment finishing equipment as our primary goal.     For past 30 years,ZHEJIANG SHENGTIAN MACHINERY CO.,LTD Company has been committed to the garment finishing euuipments research and innovation of technology,leading the Chinese apparel industry continues to develop and breakthrough,through a wide range of customers to provide professional and comprehensive products,services and Solutions.The state Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection has issued a boiler manufacturing license,(ID:20303026),Taizhou famous trademarks,a number of national utility model patents.At present,the company has a subsidiary joint venture company:Taiwan joint venture in Linhai Shengtian Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd,Taizhou shengtian embroidery Equipment Co.,Ltd.Linhai Shengtian Automation Equipment Co.,
    The company is located in the Yanjiang town,Linhai,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China.
    Our main productions as follows: Computerized embroidery machines and Band knife,Fusing machine,steam boiler,ironing table,beading machine,installed dbutton machine,procket creasing machine pants finisher and so on
    The company has strict management organization to ensure the quality assurance system,quality assurance system,also have establish and regulate the normal operation of the witness information,the preparation of the necessary corporate stand ards,which in order to ensure each product can be satisfied before shipment.